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Why is Dubbi's family different than any other??
It’s not easy to be divorced and it’s certainly not easy to be a child of divorced parents, especially during the holidays. Pesach is always the hardest; 

I remember the Passover Seder last year. We were alone, just my mother, my older brother, my baby sister and I. We didn't want to travel to Grandma and Grandpa. I hate to be a miserable, uncomfortable guest on the Seder Night. I told my mother what I felt, and also that I didn't want to stay in our neighborhood. All the children came to Synagogue talking about the Seder.  But with us everything was so sad!
I wanted to ask the questions "Why is this night different" from the Seder, but I couldn't. My mother is so sad and so am I. And what will it be like this year, after my mother finishes all the Passover cleaning and Seder Night comes?
Spending the Holiday together in a group strengthens the family unit and allows everyone to experience the Seder in a warm holiday spirit. Families who participate in the Seder of "Em Habanim" come out stronger closer. The children find new friends and new connections with their congregation.
Each year, Em Habanim invites some 45 single parent families to their Pesach Seder and first-day Yomtov Holiday. This years' joint Yomtov will take place at a lovely guest house in Yerucham, which will provide them with all of their holiday needs.
The total cost of the project will come to approximately
117,000 NIS

About 200 people will be participating including the educational team and staff.
The Em Habanim staff invests a huge effort to create an atmosphere of warmth and love and  to make the Holiday perfect for everyone involved
Both mother and child are presented with a  beautiful age-appropriate Yom Tov gift l’kavod Pesach. For some of the mothers, this is the only personal item they will acquire during the entire holiday.
Every child will ask from the four questions"How is this Night different from all other nights?"
Every child will receive an Afikomen gift
The impressions and memories of the Chag remain long after the families return home, adding much to their emotional well-being for many months to come.
 Please join in this Mitzva and help us make this project a reality!!
To donate:
  • Donations via bank transfer can be sent to: 
    Bank Poalei Agudat Israel (PAGI), account number 409-712183, branch 180. 
  • By credit card: click here 
  • By telephone: call Em Habanim office – 02-651-7221
  • For monthly bank donations : click here for form
  • Cash or check donations can be sent by mail to:
    Beit Tikvat Em Habanim, mercaz shatner 3, POB 34043, Jerusalem, 91340


                                Pictures of the preparations for last year's Passover Seder                              

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