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Emotional Therapy

Studies have shown that a large number of the children of single parents, face challenges on a day to day basis and are prone to emotional difficulties as a result of the traumatic experiences which they experienced before, during and after the separation / divorce. In the religious sector the effects of the break-up are often more intense since the family unit plays a major role in Jewish society.  The absence of a father figure, particularly on Shabbat and Yom Tov, may create a deep emotional void, leading to long term issues.

The trauma and emotional issues which they experience may cause them to perform poorly in school, to display unacceptable behavior at home and in other social settings. According to studies, these disadvantaged youngsters are at a higher risk of dropping out of school and of society at large, and becoming dysfunctional adults in the future.

Since the year 2008, Em Habanim offers emotional therapy through art, music, psychodrama, play and other creative activities geared to teach these children to express and share their innermost feelings, and to help them deal with the trauma and the complex challenges which were brought upon them. As a result they learn to readjust to their new reality, while improving their behavior and daily function within the family, school and society.
In the framework of this project the children are treated by carefully selected students in the field of social work and emotional therapy, who receive constant supervision by their instructors, and by professionals working with Em Habanim.
The emotional therapy provided is based on separating imagination from reality, and enables the child to work out his feelings and emotions through non-verbal activities. He learns to heighten self-awareness and identify his feelings, to deal with conflicting emotions, to improve self esteem and build self-confidence. With proper emotional assistance the child is given the opportunity to develop into a secure, productive and emotionally stable adult.

This project is the answer to the worries of the single mother, who feels secure with the knowledge that treatment is being given within the framework of a safe and religious atmosphere.


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