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About us



Em Habanim
To know, To act
Em Habanim was founded in 2001 by Malca Yarom. Our organization received support and encouragement from
governmental offices, The National Insurance Institute and the welfare board. Rabbi Yisrael Ganz serves as President.
Our NPO operates on behalf of seperated families from the orthodox community on two levels:
1. We act within the community to raise awareness to the needs of these families and their urgent need of support. This assistance comes in the form of involving professionals, welfare and education representatives and lobbying public opinion.
2. We provide direct and real support to these families.
This is done on a one on one basis with the mothers and children in a wide variety of areas within the family unit individually and as a whole.

Our Vision
• Knowledge and Awareness - We seek to increase awareness and provide quality knowledge to the professionals.
• Community Embrace - We seek to provide community support as much as needed.
• Support - We strive to empower the single parent family. on a personal, emotional and social level by strengthening the family, the mother and the children.

Orthodox Families in the Process of Seperation...
An Unaddressed Challenge!
Sadly we are witnessing a growing phenomena in recent years whereby a steadily growing number of orthodox families seperate and divorce. These families are not receiving sufficient support. This begins with locating the families and continues with proper treatment and care from a community which doesn't always know how to accept them. These mothers are under particularly difficult circumstances. Without assistance they struggle to cope with the challenges at home and beyond. The result? They don't possess the ability to provide the necessary support to their children.


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