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The Directorate of Em Habanim

Mrs. Malka Yarom is the founding director of Em Habanim.
 Mrs. Yarom was a guidance counselor and a professional arts and crafts teacher.

She was coordinator in Yad Sarah of a support project for the elderly.
The Council for Advancement of Women in the Jerusalem Municipality
awarded her a certificate of honor for women who are outstanding leaders
in advancing the status of women. Mrs. Yarom was awarded the 'My Jerusalem Letter'
for the year 2008 by the Jerusalem Municipality.
 In 2013 Mrs. Yarom was awarded the Yaffa Yaari London Award for her initiative
and extraordinary activities for the advancement of women's rights in Israel.

Other members of the directorate:

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lupianski
  • Mr. Michael Wollff
  • Mr. Elimelech Liman
  • Mr. Aharon Malach
  • Mr. Yeonatn Posen
  • Dr. Chana Sosevsky
  • Ms. Malkiela Stav



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