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The Support of Em Habanim

For the Children For the Mothers For the Family
Mentors (big brother)
Emotional and social support for children ages 7-14 during the afternoons and evenings.
Personal Guidance
Professional counseling and guidance in topics of education, parenting, personal coping and household skills.
Social Activities
Trips, fun days, day camps, parties and surprises for the whole family.
Mentors (big sister)
Emotional support for girls at risk ages 7-14 during afternoon and evening hours.
Legal Aid
Legal aid by lawyers in every field (not including representation).
Jewish Holidays
Holiday retreats for those families who have no one to invite them for the holidays.
Emotional Therapy
Professional supportive therapy for boys and girls in need of emotional help, for ages 6-15 in the fields of psychodrama, art, and music.
Support groups and training in various subjects: parenting, vocational training, and self help.
Assistance (financial and technical)
at times of Simchas and other happy occasions.
After school activity for boys
Therapy sessions and group activities for boys ages 8-15 in the evenings in the fields of music and sport.
Social Activity
Recreational activities for the mothers who need a change of pace
Help in finding partners for remarriage and helping to find matches for children of single parent families.




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