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Mentor Program
According to recent studies it has been reported that 60% of the children of divorced parents, do not maintain close contact with one of their parents, most often, the father. The lack of emotional support from a father figure can be a contributing factor to many difficulties such as social, behavioral, educational (cognitive) and emotional disorders. A high percentage of these children are at danger of dropping out of the educational system, and at risk of severing his connection to religion altogether.
To combat these problems Em Habanim has created a Mentoring Program. By forming a direct connection and relationship between a boy and a mentor from the religious sector, and providing him with a positive male role model and a listening ear, the child is able to reconnect to his environment and to the Jewish culture. 
The mentor is an adult, most often married and a father himself, who is committed to meet with the child 3 times a week for 2 years. During these meetings time is spent at play, tutoring, local trips, discussions, creative activities and crafts, all according to the needs and interests of the particular case.
Our mentors are also trained to detect difficulties and disorders which affect the child's function within his family, his school, and social surroundings, and to intervene where necessary, thus preventing serious situations from developing. The mentor receives weekly instruction and training from a professional supervisor. In most cases much success has been reported by both parents and educational institutions.


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