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The Em Habanim Boys' Choir
One of the goals of Em Habanim is to strengthen the children of single parents, to improve their self-confidence and motivation to learn, and to restore their emotional stability and happiness.

It is well known that music and song are tools which enable people to open up and express their innermost feelings. It has also been noted that people who join together in song and musical activities, develop strong and intimate relationships, a connection which brings about openness and understanding.

With this in mind the Em Habanim Boys choir was established. The boys, ages 9-14, attend weekly practice meetings led by a professionally trained music therapist, and they claim that these sessions are the highlight of their week. 

Through music and song, the group leader has been successful in addressing the emotional needs of the boys and building their self-confidence while developing a close and lasting relationship with them. The choir has made many public appearances, which have been rated with major success, and have succeeded in creating a feeling of teamwork and camaraderie among the boys.

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