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It's not easy to be divorced-
 it's certainly not easy to be a child of divorced parents
"As the Yamim Noraim approach I start feeling uneasy" says 10 year old S, whose parents separated some years ago.  "I think about going to Shul alone, sitting by myself, and trying to follow along during the davening.  Now and then, some nice men come over to show me the place, but I feel sooooo different......I'd rather just play outside!!"
For S.'s mother the concerns are even stronger. Each year as Rosh Hashana approaches she wonders........."Who will take my little boy to Shul and help him along with the davening?".........and more importantly "Will my children remain connected to the Kehilla and to their Jewish roots?"

Em Habanim provides a solution!
Those families which do not have a strong support system, as in the case of Baalei Teshuva, new immigrants, or large families, might not have the opportunity to spend the Yom Tov in a family setting. Em Habanim provides these families, with an opportunity to take part in a special program for Rosh Hashana. The families are joined by several staff members and their families, and by a group of volunteers, at a Guest House, where all their Yom Tov needs are provided.
The main objective of the program is to ensure that the children will have a chance to experience the YomTov within a happy and warm atmosphere. The children have the opportunity to daven together with proper instruction and supervision and enjoy the lively singing as well. The mother can enjoy the Chag amongst friends who share similar backgrounds and face similar challenges, while being sure that her children are being properly supervised.
With tears in her eyes, D. a recently divorced mother exclaimed "We felt that the prayers, coming from the hearts of these little children, surely pierced the heavens. It was an uplifting and memorable experience for the mothers and for our children". 
Our Tishrei program also includes a Simchat Beis Hashoeva
Simchat Tora, for all of the mothers and children of Em Habanim.
The impressions and effects of the Chag remain long after the families return home, adding much to their emotional well-being for many months to come.....resulting in creating a positive attitude towards Jewish holidays  and values.
The total cost of this years Tishrei program, will be 118,600₪ 
Please join in this Mitzva and help us make this project a reality.
  • Bank Transfer:
    Bank Pagi, Branch no.180, Account no. 409-712183  in the name of Bei Tikvat Em Habanim
  • By credit card: click here
  • By telephone: call Em Habanim office – 02-651-7221
  • For monthly bank donations: click here for form
  • Cash or check donations can be sent by mail to: Beit Tikvat Em Habanim, Mercaz Shatner 3, POB 34043, Jerusalem, 91340
  • Bank Transfer from abroad: Beit Tikvat Em Habanim Smecha, Bank Pagi #52, Bank branch number 180, Bank account number 409-712183, IBAN :IL230521800000000712183, Swift Code: FIRBILITXXX, BIC: 31-180
Donations to Em Habanim are tax deductible  in Israel, USA, and Canada.

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